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How to choose colors and fonts that fit your brand?

Admin 2020-03-25 11:38:26

Branding is very important for any business, because it allows their customers to identify them from different competitors. So enough with chit chat and get back to point where we discuss about color and fonts for your business. Understand the personality traits of each font category. Know your budget and licensing requirements. Pick a pair of brand fonts that matches with your brand personality.From childhood a we are taught about colors and how to used them. We were told there are 7 colors in rainbow. In reality there a lot more array of colors is available them we think. There 16.8 million colors but we don’t use all of them we only tend to use most common one but it all have means which represent in our society. let’s discuss about it.


 Blue color represents authority, honesty, intelligence, peace and loyalty. If your company or business possess that value can you can capitalize on that, and go with this color if you have other businesses.


Green stand for growth, optimism, nature, relaxation, and youth. This is why many innovative and fresh companies choose it for their logo design. You know what is other value green display, it also associates with environment and recycling concept. So, don’t over think about it and if you your business have those value then don’t wait, and choose green color.


This color tends to represent heat, happiness, warning, and energy. So, anyone with a business focused on the older generation should consider it to boost their company identity.


Pink denotes romance, softness, tenderness, cuteness and things of a delicate nature, thing which are so sophisticated. It is main reason this color is picked for show love and affection related logos


Black is very important in our daily life and we don’t even look that way, that why is can be very trigging and help more to gain. Black shows mystery, power, drama, elegance, high value and strength. So, it widely used in marketing strategies.


Orange denotes force, determination, vitality success and productivity. So that is why it is mostly used in top brands. Alongside that, it also stands out when placed on top of almost any other color.


The color white signifies a clean, pure, clear and simple business. Indeed, using this color would be a wise move if your company is considered to be environmentally conscious or forward thinking. If your company working ethics resembles with white is your color.


When people see red in corporate branding, they tend to think of passion, power, action, desire, and love. Again, many dating sites and companies that provide relationship-style services use these colors.


Lastly, the color purple has long been associated with spirituality, mystery, wealth, ambition, and royalty. That is why some of the most upmarket companies in the world use it in their logos. If your products are high-end, using purple will encourage people to trust you and feel comfortable spending so much money.

As you can see by now, based on above information that which color is best for. It based on years of research done by professionals Psychologists. There decades of hard work indicated these human’s behavior pattern. We can get benefits of their findings.


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