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Necessary elements of a great web site

Admin 2020-03-21 07:13:32

As the title state, we are going to take a look at what are the essential for a great website. That era is gone when only description was enough for a website. In digital age where businesses are moving to online infrastructure and automation, having a good website is crucial for success or else you are losing business.

Imaging a successful online business without a good site is out of the picture. A good website invokes entrepreneurs to connect and engage with customers.

Here are the most important elements which every good website must possess.

1.       perfect home page

2.       Solid Navigation

3.       Web Design and Layout

4.       Responsive Design

5.       Content Writing

6.       Call to Action

7.       Testimonials

8.       An Opt-In Offer

9.       Story Telling

10.   FAQs Section

11.   Contact Information

Perfect Home page

A good website should have a good designed and effective home page layout. Which ultimate purpose should be clear that what is this website for? website should be made through customers viewpoint. Visitor can easily access their information and complete objectives, and perform their desire task.

Solid Navigation

Landing page is generally open first at client side, so it has great important. When designing a website, it should be considered that website should be lighting fast at the client’s side. If a website doesn’t open in first 3 to 4 seconds then it means that landing page need more designing and improvement. First impression is last impression.

Web Design and Layout

A good website is incomplete without a good design, identify first what kind of your website is, what kind of audience is being targeted, what goanna be server to clients. It is very important and crucial work. Then a visitor landed on your website generally he should decide with in next 50 million second. The ability to decide instantly for customers on a website is game changing for business owners.

 Responsive Design

Now technology is progressing so fast, many people doesn’t have time to use computers, and people have adaptive on smart mobile phone use, since mobile have come so far in recent years. And there are so many companies and have so have mobile devices with different sizes, so there is no point to waste money and time on making website for different screen sizes. So here responsive design comes very handy. So be smart about it and make a better responsive design.

Content Writing

A content is any written material on a website which can be seen by end user or clients. So, in order to impress your audience, you better chose your content clear fully. Content should be clear about what is this about. Simple language and vocabulary are best to be used to avoid confusing for simple users. Content should be well research and summarize to engage readers entrust.

Call to Action

Now these days static websites are obsolete and dynamic website are trending. User visits website to interact and perform some action, and if any website is missing any call of action (CTA) so that website is losing it entrust of clients and losing clients means losing business. Basically, CTA means, promotions, purchase, discount and newsletter promotional email.


testimonial is a section of your website where comments and feedbacks are displayed, for an online business credibility is hard to achieve, so this section of testimonial allow people to share the experience with public. which increase positive image and credibility factor and built up trust for customers to do business safely.

An Opt-In Offer

An opt-in offer is a request sent by your website to the visiting customers to sign up for your company’s offers or promotional emails. This helps in collecting contact information of the visitors even if they do not make purchases on your website.

Story Telling

Brand loyalty is very important for any company, doing business is all about building trust elements for customers. Brand loyalty is very important and business changing factor, in website you should add about us section where company can tell about its self and his history, which customers can relate to it.

FAQs Section

Customer usually ask same kind of question for a product or a service, so every website should have a FAQs where they can get answers to their query. FAQs is dedicated page to facilitate customers, the purpose is to provide best solution to customer query.

Contact Information

This is very essential part of any website to provide their contact information, later it can be used by clients or furthers business opportunities. 


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